How to Mint a Huffaz NFT — Become a Part of the Exclusive Launch

4 min readApr 15, 2022


The launch of the MetaKawn NFT collection has emerged as a historical initiative to preserve the Quran on the blockchain. Offering holders the exclusive opportunity to mint an ayat of the Quran on the blockchain, the limited-time opportunity can be availed through a series of simple steps.

We’ve outlined everything you need to know about the launch to simplify the process and help you become a part of history!

Key Steps to Mint a Huffaz NFT

Because the MetaKawn project has finally entered its public minting phase, the best proposition at the moment comes from minting an exclusive Huffaz NFT on the official MetaKawn website.

You can simply visit* Mint MetaKawn to get started with the process.

Option 1 — Connecting Your Wallet

MetaKawn can currently be minted through the popular MetaMask wallet. You can simply connect your existing MetaMask wallet to MetaKawn by clicking the “Connect Wallet” button on the Mint Page. Make sure you’ve logged into your browser MetaMask extension when you proceed to the connecting process.

Step 1

During the connecting process, you’ll need to authorize the account connectivity to the MetaKawn website to ensure that you’re able to seamlessly receive the Huffaz NFT in your custodial wallet.

Step 2

In the exclusive mint, you can avail a MetaKawn Huffaz NFT for the affordable price of 0.09 ETH. Make sure you have the required Ether present in your MetaMask along with the Gas fee to cover the transaction. To know more about how to add Ether to your MetaMask, check out the Guide.

Step 3

After minting the NFT, you can seamlessly access all the perks and benefits aside from the art by simply connecting your wallet to the MetaKawn website. The platform is launching a ton of exciting features designed to offer utility to holders.

* Make sure that you only visit the official MetaKawn website for the minting process. No other external site is currently authorized for the official public mint of the Huffaz NFT Collection.

What are the Huffaz NFTs — Breaking Down the Concept

The Huffaz NFT Collection is launched as an initiative to preserve the Quran on the blockchain. The launch celebrates the genesis of revelation through 6,348 unique NFTs embodying a diverse plethora of Muslims from different cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds. The collection is the first faith-based project on the blockchain centered around community and robust utility.

The collection is categorized into rare categories with the 6 Ambassador Huffaz from different social segments. The collection will highlight the achievements of leaders in the community and pave the way for a streamlined interaction between the audience and blockchain technology.

Huffaz Club holders will be able to access private NFT launches, VIP event access, and get exclusive insight into the latest events. Club members will also be able to have governance voting rights to share their input into the future direction of the initiative. The KawnFund initiative was launched to support charity programs, and creators will also be diverted based on input from holders.

Exploring the Roots of the MetaKawn Initiative

MetaKawn is a landmark blockchain project launched to bring together faith-based communities in the crypto world in order to create a unifying platform for creators and enthusiasts from around the world. The project harnesses the power of blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to facilitate community-driven interactions. MetaKawn proudly embraces diversity and global cultural elements as a defining element of the project.

Visit to know more about the project or join the Discord to join the vibrant community.

Limited Availability — Don’t Miss Out

The MetaKawn Huffaz Club offers an exclusive opportunity to become a part of a historical movement. Only 6,348 NFTs are available, and spots are rapidly running out due to widespread demand throughout the community. Reserve an eternal mark in history by receiving a minted aya on the blockchain along with the exclusive artwork.

The Metakawn Huffaz Club will also offer exclusive utility, benefits, and broader access to the MetaKawn ecosystem. The project is expected to be the paramount initiative to lay root in the faith-based ecosystem on the blockchain. Think of it as having the opportunity to be an early adopter of the ecosystem.

Keep Your NFTs Secure

To protect your Huffaz NFT and other valuable Ethereum-based NFTs, the ideal method is to opt for a hardware wallet. With complete isolation from the internet, the wallet cannot be accessed by digital means without a direct connection on your end. NFTs and other critical digital assets kept in physical wallets are safe from phishing attacks launched by scammers. Choose a reputed storage wallet to ensure that your valuable NFT is protected. To enhance the security of your hardware wallet, keep your 24-word recovery in a protected environment.