What You Need to Know About MetaKawn

3 min readFeb 11, 2022

2022 started with NFTs and metaverse trending all over the internet. The popularity of NFTs and their applications in the metaverse have skyrocketed. In fact, NFTs and the monetary benefits they provide are now being celebrated in every corner of the world. Every culture is now celebrating through NFTs and the metaverse. Furthermore, NFT sales reached an all-time high of $7 billion in January 2022, showing that they are popular among investors.

These tokens not only represent an asset, but they have also become a sentiment and culture for many individuals. Even many people have discovered financial and cultural liberty through NFTs. Every religion is now celebrating its version of freedom with this decentralized technology (NFTs). Moreover, numerous religious communities, including Muslims, Christians, Jews, or others are now celebrating the culture NFTs have created.

The same has been our objective at MetaKawn. Our vision is to create the first Metaverse for modern muslims who share the same values. We seek to empower muslim creators in fields such as fashion, sports, health, religion, education, art and design, music, family, and so on, while also benefiting their followers.

A Slew of Challenges with Muslim Communities

MetaKawn is a Metaverse inspired by islamic social ethics. We are helping the modern, and faithful muslims to break the stereotypes and change the world. Our intention is to give them space where to express their identity and vision of enjoying the finest that life can offer, without compromising any of their Islamic ideals.

Furthermore, we intend to address three significant issues that have plagued the community for quite some time. The first issue concerns the muslim creator economy. Creator Burnout has resulted from insecurity and unpredictability. Similarly, unjust rewards, unilateral and opaque monetization schemes by platforms have remained, where business models are driven by Ads, and the quality race to the bottom continues to abuse creators.

Another issue has been that financial ethics have not been adapted to Muslim beliefs. Even a debt economy with no shared risks/rewards has wreaked havoc on families. While there are remedies to these problems, the majority of them do not address the underlying reason. However, there is a ray of hope, which we at Metakawn are working to make a reality.

Solving Every Challenge with NFTs and the Metaverse

Our mission to tackle all of the above challenges is an inspiration from decentralized technology, particularly NFTs and the metaverse. The purpose of creating the MetaKawn metaverse is to perfectly align with all of the key principles of muslim communities. Furthermore, we hope to cater to the culture and values of this community around the world, and offer them a prominent place in our metaverse.

Beyond that, we hope to simplify financial ethics and strengthen the generation of the modern muslims community with our one-of-a-kind MK HUFFAZ Club. Respecting this concept of Guardians of the values of Islam, we will be launching an NFT avatar collection representing them. The NFT HUFFAZ Collection consists of 6.348 avatars that represent a generation of modern muslims from all over the world, with gender equality. Moreover, this collection aims to be meaningful and hold strong utility for the holders.

The utilities will revolve around access to exclusive experiences and a governance club where members can vote on brand decisions and have input on which creators are supported by the HUFFAZ Fund. Most importantly, the 10% of royalties from NFT transactions will go to the HUFFAZ Fund in order to support Creators in need and other Charity programs.

To add to the excitement, we are led by a super amazing team with backgrounds in some of the finest organizations in the world. Our CEO, Othmane Meziane, is a multifaceted entrepreneur who is also the founder of BFITGROUP. Furthermore, Youssef Tazi, the founder of Havas Madcom is the marketing guru behind MetaKawn.

Onwards and Upwards

Our vision to leverage NFTs and metaverse to empower content creators is becoming a reality, all thanks to the advent of blockchain technology. The decentralized nature of blockchain has proven to be a game changer for many communities across the world. While we work to fuel Creativity and Positivity, we want each and every one of you to be a part of it because “To empower is what we believe in at MetaKawn.”