The HUFFAZ Ambassadors Program

The Huffaz NFT Collection

  • The First 6.000 will be the Common Huffaz where 3000 males & 3000 females with a variable rarity of features will be minted.
  • The second and the most important would be the 306 Ambassadors Huffaz: This category will itself be split into 6 different groups of 50+1 where Every Group will be identified by an ambassador. The ambassadors will be famous influencers who will embrace our project from the start and attract their community to the project.
  • Lastly, would be the 42 Team Huffaz where the remaining Huffaz will be created for the team and partners of the project for their immense contribution to the project’s growth.

First Huffaz Ambassadors and NFT Utilities

Empowering Muslim Creators



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