The HUFFAZ Ambassadors Program

3 min readFeb 24, 2022


We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone for their continuous patience, love, and support for MetaKawn and our Huffaz NFT collection. It is because of your constant support that we have grown into such a strong, vibrant community and a highly successful project. To take this spirit of a community-first project further, we are excited to introduce our Huffaz Ambassadors Program, which will offer a group of Muslim content creators to get featured in our Huffaz NFT collection and assist in MetaKawn’s growth.

Our NFT collection will have a total of 6,348 avatars that will represent the generation of modern muslims from across the world, with a focus on gender equality. The collection will have a meaning related to Muslim culture and ethics as well as a high utility that will come to use within the MetaKawn ecosystem. Moreover, a dedicated category within the collection will be reserved for the most respected content creators within the Muslim community. The ambassador’s Huffaz will have special perks offered by their ambassador depending on their field of expertise.

Our vision is to onboard six creators and gradually expand from there.

The Huffaz NFT Collection

Blockchain focuses on the idea of decentralizing the administration process. It is a system that consists of countless records that hold the truth, and whenever a change is required or introduced, all records will need to be updated with new information after being validated. Similarly, when Islam was being revealed, the process of reserving the Quran followed the exact same structure as that of a blockchain system. The prophet used to introduce the new verses to all the record holders (Huffaz) and let them know where the verse should be recorded in reference to other verses, thus slowly building the first BlockChain, the Quran.

With this inspiration and drive from the blockchain’s link to the origin of The Quran, we have created something unique and motivating, which is our Huffaz NFT collection. The validation that BlockChain as technology is truly something to admire if Allah chose it to be the way to preserve his last revelation. And, respecting this concept of Guardians of the values of Islam, we will be debuting by launching an NFT avatar collection representing these Guardians.

Majorly, the Huffaz Collection will be divided into 3 major categories, enabling equal participation and contribution to the entire MetaKawn community:

  • The First 6.000 will be the Common Huffaz where 3000 males & 3000 females with a variable rarity of features will be minted.
  • The second and the most important would be the 306 Ambassadors Huffaz: This category will itself be split into 6 different groups of 50+1 where Every Group will be identified by an ambassador. The ambassadors will be famous influencers who will embrace our project from the start and attract their community to the project.
  • Lastly, would be the 42 Team Huffaz where the remaining Huffaz will be created for the team and partners of the project for their immense contribution to the project’s growth.

First Huffaz Ambassadors and NFT Utilities

Not only will this NFT collection benefit the ambassadors but also the holders of the assets. We have plans for utilities for our Huffaz NFT collection. The use cases will revolve around access to exclusive experiences, online and offline which can include events with celebrities or athletes, premium content, etc. Even ownership comes with access to special fan communities. Most importantly, the implementation of the governance club where members can vote on brand decisions has input on which creators are supported by the Huffaz Fund.

Empowering Muslim Creators

The main goal of MetaKawn and our initial project, the Huffaz NFTs, is to empower every single Muslim creator on the planet. It is to provide them with the deserved wings to fly high in their personal and professional lives. And, with creators like Manal Rostom joining forces with us, it’s a joyous time for us as the Islamic creator’s movement gets off to a tremendous start.