Meet MetaKawn Founders

4 min readFeb 28, 2022


After months of hard work, MetaKawn will soon be at the forefront of the NFT and the metaverse scene. We thought it was about time you meet the minds behind MetaKawn, who work tirelessly to guarantee that it lives up to its promises.

The founding team is made up of industry experts who have created a name for themselves as CEOs of some of the world’s most successful firms. With a strong enthusiasm for technology and empowering Muslim communities, they feel they can build a strong community of Muslim content creators with the help of NFTs and the metaverse. Their combination is ideal, and it has the potential to produce far-reaching innovations.

Now we meet the individuals behind MetaKawn, who are working hard to ensure that everyone can take part in the next phase of combined NFT and the metaverse experience.

Othmane Meziane

Co-founder and CEO, MetaKawn

Othmane is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who has already established himself in the fitness and education industries. He has founded several businesses in various sectors and has a track record of success in every step he has taken. He is a pioneer in the agro-industry, where they operate a seafood facility and are a big exporter to Europe.

He is also into Ethical fashion, namely the Baby leather shoes business, which he refers to as HOB. Beyond that, he is a fitness expert and a Personal Training Studio Leader in Morocco, as well as an Education Provider for Personal Trainers who have collaborated with the World Leader: NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

His motivation for entering the blockchain space, though, is that he finds it fantastic to witness how Blockchain and NFTs are beginning to reinvent and innovate every part of people’s life. He thinks that blockchain can be one of the most significant revolutions that will impact jobs and revenue streams, particularly for Content Creators. He continues, “When I consider all of the tremendous skills in the Muslim community, and if everyone can achieve what they envisage with the help of blockchain solutions like NFTs and the metaverse, imagine what we can accomplish together!”

Youssef Tazi

Co-founder and CMO, MetaKawn

Youssef Tazi is a marketing expert with over 15 years of experience working with world-class communication companies. His portfolio of companies includes McDonald’s, HP, Visa, Huawei, Oppo, and L’OR espresso, to name a few, and he is also the founder of Havas Madcom Group, the world’s fifth-largest advertising network, employing over 100,000 people in over 120 countries. Youssef’s main contribution to businesses like McDonald’s was assisting them in implementing the Halal procedure, obtaining certification in Morocco, and developing all of the education and communication surrounding it.

His motivation for creating MetaKawn is the mission to brighten the narrative of Islamic culture. We’re creating a platform inspired by Islam social ethics, where we value everyone equally, regardless of where they were born, their religion, culture, or the color of their skin. However, our priority is to empower Muslim heritage, and creators that share the same values and ideas of Islam.

Zak el Fassi

Tech Advisor, MetaKawn

Zak has more than 10 years of experience in Big Tech Companies. He has worked at Google and at Meta (previously Facebook) as head of partnerships in MENA & Africa. He has tremendous experience as a consultant, then as a startup studio founder and investor, a university lecturer, an engineer, and a business person.

He has been at the forefront representing Meta as a Head of Product Partnerships for Messenger and Instagram Direct. His portfolio includes Leading the product partnerships team that delivers on platform updates, new product launches, alpha/beta tests, and partnerships with the messaging developer and business ecosystem.

His aim with MetaKawn is to empower Muslim communities by making technology simple and easy to use. His role as a tech advisor would be to take MetaKawn to the next level by using simplifying blockchain solutions like NFTs and the metaverse.

Leading Innovation with the Best Brains

Our vision with MetaKawn is to give Muslim creators what they deserve. We also want Muslim Communities to grow to attain financial freedom with the help of NFTs, blcokchain technology and the Metaverse. With the greatest minds leading this mission of innovation in the Islamic community, we are all set to bring a change in this world.

Moreover, with all that we have to offer from a metaverse inspired buly islam ethics to the Huffaz NFT collection, our goal is to strengthen the Islamic communities from all over the world. Blockchain has set us free to achieve all our desired goals and taking complete advantage of this freedom we envision scribing the Quran on the blockchain.