How to Build a Community for an NFT Project?

6 min readMay 16, 2022

Due to the emerging nature of NFTs and blockchain technology, there is widespread hype around the growth of the projects. Thousands of people are learning about the phenomena and becoming a part of the community every day. This landscape has shaped the ideal scenario for NFT projects to create vibrant communities around their projects.

This article will provide you with insights on how you can create an impactful community around your NFT project and succeed in this emerging space.

Defining Your Vision

Similar to other segments, it is essential to have a clear vision for the future. You should clearly outline what you’re looking to achieve with your NFT project. Whether you’re thinking about creating an art collection or you’re working on creating a larger ecosystem, having a clear idea of your vision is the foundation to your success.

Having a clear initial vision will allow you to identify your niche and stand out from the competition. The community will then be structured around your vision of the project. Successful NFT projects often go beyond the art to offer real utility to people. A key element of that utility is community input on the right platform.

Choosing the Right Platform

In today’s landscape, the majority of NFT growth is being driven by people on Twitter, Discord, and Reddit. These social media platforms serve as hubs of communication and interaction. Companies are utilizing the public sharing nature of the platforms to educate new people on the prospects of cryptocurrencies and emerging technology. It is essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every major social platform before you move to the community building phase.

Here’s an insight into the platforms.


Twitter is considered the largest social media platform for NFT communities. The public communication tool is used by companies to create trends and find followers that resonate with the spirit of the project. Twitter allows the project team to interact with users and establish a direct connection with the community members.

With over 330 million users, Twitter is considered the most commonly used platform in the NFT space. Most of the popular projects today gained ground on Twitter by developing active communities and sharing their vision with the people.


Discord is a communication application used for text, voice, and video chat for the community. The platform is used by tens of millions of people to communicate and discuss details of the projects. Discord is commonly used by communities to have internal discussions and establish governance protocols for the NFT projects. After the launch, Discord will serve as an effective tool to communicate and manage the future direction of the project.


Similar to other social media platforms, Reddit serves as the bulletin board of the internet. Use the platform to your advance by creating a localized community for your members. The Ask Me Anything (AMA) feature on the platform also offers effective tools to reach bigger audiences on Subreddits.

Building Excitement for the Project

Your project’s community will mirror the energy that you’re putting into the process. It is important to create organic hype for the project by actively engaging with community members and offering them insights on the key elements of the project. Over time, your community will become a part of the process and support your growth on social media channels by using their NFTs as profile pictures and sharing all the latest news and updates to their network.

You also need to simplify the process for conventional social media users by educating them about NFTs and the broader metaverse. Educational content can help you enhance your reach across social media.

Connecting With People Through Humor

In the decentralized world, humor is the fastest vehicle to developing an active community. Unlike other mainstream segments, the NFT Twitter and communities are largely driven by informal language and memes. Humor-focused tweets get much higher engagement in contrast to serious content. Encourage community engagement by allowing your members to create content that grabs the attention of influencers and leaders in the crypto space. These qualities can serve to your advantage because people will be attracted to the positive environment.

Giving Incentives for Ownership

Whether you’re providing exclusive content or commercial usage rights of the projects, you need to give incentives to the community for owning your project and supporting you through the process. It is important to realize that your community members support you when they believe in your long-term vision for the project.

Come up with an ownership incentive that makes it attractive for community members to own your NFT and become a part of the community. You need to make people feel like they have a direct stake in the success and growth of the project. Successful NFT projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club have prioritized the community members by providing them with exclusive access to upcoming project drops and privileges. These incentives create a positive ownership environment where users become active stakeholders in the success of the community.

Maintaining Credibility with Trust

Trust is the most important tool in creating long-term communities in the NFT space. You need to be honest about the details of the project and your envisioned future. Keep the community updated with the roadmap of the project and whether things are moving according to the plan. Setting realistic expectations with the community can be a much better option than overpromising. The resulting trust will be a key factor in improving credibility.

If you’re sharing timely updates about your project on social media, the community will have a clear idea of expectations about the project. This is extremely important in a market where rug pulls, and scams are becoming increasingly common. Being open to feedback is also important to understanding community sentiments. Following their factors will allow you to create an active community that is backed by trust.

Sustainable Growth — Focus on Authenticity

Community is the most valuable aspect of any NFT project. A vibrant and active digital community can allow a project to convert from an idea into a viable product. Active communities support the project by contributing with ideas, input, and finances.

Throughout the world, NFT projects have emerged as effective community-building tools. Millions of people have joined NFT communities on Twitter and Discord to support their favorite creators and projects. These communities have been making a social impact by supporting NGOs and contributing to environmental development.

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