Empowering Muslims Through Web3

5 min readMay 16, 2022


The growth of web3 and the decentralized web has opened needs doors for faith-based communities around the world. The technology is allowing Muslims around the world to come together on projects that celebrate the Muslim identity through unity, mutual discussion, and art. From decentralized financial applications to NFTs, Web3 technology is paving the way toward a complete revolution in the space. Young Muslims are finally able to access platforms that are designed to bring communities together without conflict.

This article explores the ways in which web3 is transforming the conventional internet and opening new doors for Muslims to grow.

Focusing on Unity — Bringing Muslims Together

One of the biggest challenges in the conventional web 2.0 landscape has been the divisiveness of faith-based communities. The mutual disagreements and differences have created a toxic landscape where people are unable to interact in a positive environment. The Web3 landscape offers a promising alternative.

With communities like MetaKawn, people can become part of a positive community centered around the Muslim experience. These projects are contributing toward social development and promoting positive conversations by providing a platform to Muslims around the world. The staunch focus on unity shifts the perspective away from negativity and highlights the positive aspects of Muslim cultures and societies.

Creating a Secure Digital Identity on the Blockchain

For years, Muslims have been subjected to censorship, undue filters, and controls on the conventional internet. Blockchain transforms this phenomenon by empowering Muslims to have an immutable digital identity. This ensures that the bias of the platform cannot have any impact on the users and their data. Blockchain technology conserves are digital identities of users through trust-less security to have transparency on the blockchain.

It is also important for Muslims to retain their unique cultural identity in different segments of the Metaverse. Projects like MetaKawn and HijabiQueens are celebrating this aspect by creating digital art that embodies the cultural reflection and identities of Muslims in the new era. These secure digital identities are backed by blockchain technology and provide a safe avenue for Muslims to express themselves online on different platforms.

Celebration of Diversity

The global Muslim fraternity comprises thousands of cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities with unique traditions and cultural identities. Web3 celebrates diversity by allowing people from different backgrounds to come together and share their expressions with the world.

Projects like MetaKawn are providing opportunities to emerging artists from different Muslim regions to showcase their art forms and express their opinions. The platform is doing that through unique expressions of culture, language, attire, and expression. This celebration of diversity is a completely different approach from the conventional internet, where attempts have been made to iron out any differences.

Web3 embraces the differences between people as something to celebrate. This celebration provides an effective avenue for Muslim communities to create beautiful artforms with expansive communal utility.

Enhancing Learning Through Decentralization

A key part of empowering Muslim communities is to even out the learning opportunities for Muslims. Projects like MetaKawn are addressing this through unified learning portals that provide education and learning resources to Muslims around the world.

The platform’s Kawn Academy initiative is designed to offer learning resources to community members worldwide. The academy provides in-depth insights on the basics of blockchain, Web3, and NFT technology. Users can access an extensive catalog of knowledge and learning resources designed to provide equal opportunities to members of the community. The decentralized nature of the platform preserves the learning resources and simplifies access to community members.

Social Incentives to Improve Struggling Areas

Web3 technology is allowing Muslims to come together to support underprivileged communities through mutual efforts. These directed efforts are further optimized using smart contract technology that directs the funds to the correct target audience without any involvement of centralized authorities. Users can be sure that their directed funds are reaching the audience without any external influences or management biases.

In the current global system, there are strong disparities between the opportunities available in Muslim communities. This is because of the structure and configuration of the conventional internet. Web3 evens out the differences by providing an equal opportunity of representation to communities around the world. Muslims from different socio-cultural backgrounds can come together to have mutual conversations and learn about the community.

Empowering Through the Blockchain

Blockchain is becoming an effective empowerment tool because it allows the development of decentralized communities around the world. The technology provides a way to conduct financial transactions to support communities that are not accessible by traditional banking technology. The technology has the potential to reach impoverished communities and socially marginalized groups that require direct assistance.

Community projects like MetaKawn have already utilized the technology to support communities in the MENA region. The company’s incorporated blockchain automatically donates a proceed of the shares to the Kawn DAO. The DAO further decides on the allocation of the funds towards female education, empowerment, and community support projects.

Community Driven Growth — Decentralized Governance

Arguably, the most important element of decentralization is the community-driven development emerging in projects. The direction of the community will be determined by the community members through the DAO. This is in stark contrast to the previous approach, where decision-making was confined to a few members of the community.

Through decentralized governance, community members can cast their votes on the direction of the community in the future. These votes will serve as the basis for electing leadership and taking major decisions. Tools like Discord are being actively used to give the power back to community members to create a bright future.

The MetaKawn project is serving as the first major platform for Muslims in the Metaverse. The initiative is empowering Muslims through unique art collections and knowledge preservation tools on the blockchain. Check out more about the progress made by MetaKawn here.